Over-the-Counter (OTC) trading combines access to unparalleled market liquidity with complete privacy. Each trade is conducted and executed immediately against the counterpart and is not susceptible to on-exchange price slippage/fluctuation nor order book discovery. This ensures that a seamless transaction with near instant settlement takes place in a safe and secure manner.

OTC Trading has long been a fundamental part of traditional financial trading. When dealing in large orders in an illiquid market, there is often a need for an on and off ramp that has no or minimal on-exchange impact. Furthermore, one that can be executed in a single transaction without consideration of order book depth, cancellations or phantom orders that may only reveal themselves in segmented, dispersed orders if on-exchange trading is done instead.


HCC generally accepts orders with a minimum order size for 5000 BTC trading only in Bitcoin. We currently have several orders for as high as 500,000 BTC. HCC’s OTC Service comes from more than 20 years combined experience across, funds management, financial services, and strategies, in markets around the world. We’re dedicated to delivering professional onboarding and relationship management, timely and efficient settlements, and 24⁄7 access to a unique depth and breadth of bitcoin solutions. HCC represents a large number of buyers and sellers of Bitcoin as a seller mandate or seller representative to the sources directly or indirectly, and as such can provide solutions to a number of unique client specific needs. 

HCC provides:

  • Ultra-competitive and transparent discounts, pricing and contracts
  • Liquidation strategies for large blocks
  • Highest standards of confidentiality and discretion
  • High level customer service
  • Trading solution strategies that gauge market liquidity, harness volatility, and improve execution
  • Discreet access to diverse asset classes not listed on standard exchanges 
  • High transparency with a high degree of information freeflow
  • 24/7 operation across all time zones