Why Hedge Coin Capital


The team at HCC possess a variety of business experience and backgrounds, placing us at the forefront of blockchain expertise. With a combined 50 years of financial services and funds management experience, we bring a wealth of knowledge and sophistication to investing in digital currencies.

HCC collaborates with leading academics and researchers to invest into, and work with, blockchain developers to build new projects. We also work with international analysts who specialise in diverse sectors of the decentralized crypto market, to provide an efficient, balanced and less risky portfolio.  By tapping into our wide network of experts, we are able to deliver a unique asset portfolio composition which has significant potential in the market.

Superior Diversification Strategies

Hedge Coin Capital has many investment strategies, of which a significant amount are not affected by the market, such as automated trading bots, Bitmex trading, cash, ICO’s and other hedge funds.  This diversified system of strategies allows contributors to generate returns in bull and bear cycles as well as protecting against the adverse effects of market crashes. HCC will have a tactical asset allocation protocol of cash or non-volatile crypto assets in order to maintain liquidity and to also take advantage of buying opportunities that arise in volatile market conditions. We are revolutionising existing technologies with the integration of new decentralized blockchain technology to give our contributors the opportunity to participate in unique ICO startups and Pre-ICO capital raising with strong potential to generate ROI.

Customer Service

HCC has a mandate to open up several offices around the world to cater for client enquiries and services. This will assist our ability to manage a high level of customer service online, no matter which region or language our customer base comes from. HCC believes in strong and honest communication. We make comprehensive and monthly reports available free to all our investors to ensure transparency, showing them all the decisions we make from an investment point of view. HCC provides regular updates on company performance at a corporate level to increase transparency and better inform holders. It is important to keep all contributors at ease with the changes that take place in an evolving digital world. In addition, as opportunities arise, either within the funds or outside, our investors will be the first to know.