Why Hedge Coin Capital


With a combined 50 years plus of cryptocurrency, financial services and funds management experience, we bring a wealth of knowledge and sophistication to investing in digital currencies.

Since launching in 2016, the Hedge Coin Capital team has strived to push the boundaries of sophistication in crypto asset trading.

In the cryptocurrency space we offer OTC Services featuring OTC trading desk, Custody Services, and Escrow Services to facilitate a large number of individual and institutional situations. We take the place as buyer and seller mandates representing a number of large clients in the OTC market.

Security and Privacy

Hedge Coin Capital’s security is of paramount importance. We enforce multiple layers of protection including cold storage, 3-factor authentication, SSL technology, and multi-signature settlement contract practices among others. HCC offers high standards of confidentiality and discretion. All trades are discussed and conducted via private discrete chat groups with dedicated team members and onboarding specialists, thus ensuring a high level of privacy. 

Customer Service

With our strong international presence, HCC carries a long history of trusted and transparent relationships with global customers. HCC’s commitment is to offer a premium trading experience, personalized customer support, and the best in security and privacy. Our team is experienced and well equipped with the resources and capital to settle trades effectively and securely for our clients.  HCC has a very competitive discount and fee structure. All trades incur only a small transaction fee upon execution. We benchmark our pricing below other OTC services and strive to outperform competition.